Executive Sports Connect (Africa) Ltd is a sports consultancy that is involved in connecting sports stakeholders in Africa and improving the capacity of sports entities and managers on the continent through sports consultancy, sports workshops & forums, sports marketing, event management and sports development.

We are committed to delivering value. Execution and Experiences are key to making this a reality. We believe in taking measures to understand the business environment and delivering results that match the expectation of our partners.



To be the social and commercial enterprise of choice for sports business in Africa, using sports to develop, build, connect and empower all stakeholders in the industry.


We aim to share knowledge, build good practices and coordinate and foster partnerships between stakeholders in our quest to use sports for development.

  • Service – We exist to serve and make a difference. We work to ensure that we deliver value to all our stakeholders.
  • Passion – We have heart….Our passion for sport is our driving force.
  • Execution – We believe in finishing what we have started in the best way possible.
  • Integrity – We do what is right and we don’t compromise our integrity.
  • Accountability – We believe in being accountable for all our actions and resources.
  • Fun – We delight in what we do.